iOS Charts
I’m going to add some graphing to the app soon.

Haven’t tried this yet but it looks good.

Core Plot

I had a couple of difficulties using it in a newer version of Xcode so added my findings here.
iOS Plot
iOS Charts

Collection Operators

Reading Chapter 7 – KVC/KVO of Cocoa Programming

And learning about Array Operators like

  • avg
  • count
  • max
  • min
  • sum

These could come in handy.

NSNumber *theAverages
theAverage = [employees valueForKey:@"avg.expectedRaise"];

They also have a forum (

Other Articles

Mac OS X – Dev

I bought:

I’ve got version 3, 4 & 5.

Working through 4 now as it’s ObjC.

I’m going to document things I’ve had to look up.

Chapter 2

Probably look back and say why didn’t I spot this but it should help it not happing again:

Unknown type name ‘NSTextField’

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> 

Could have just added a .pch file

Project Settings
Under the ‘Apple LLVM 6.0 – Language’ section in the ‘Prefix Header’ I added “<PROJECTNAME>/<PROJECTNAME>-Prefix.pch”


#ifdef __OBJC__
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>


Adding A Settings Bundle

I’d like to add a Settings section to my app to show Licenses and other info.

Maybe put the Options section there too.

Run a perl script:

perl <>

Mac Dev Weekly

So I’ve started some Mac Dev and I’m looking for useful sites but there aren’t many out there.

Ray Wenderlich has a few tuts.

There is the Big Nerd Ranch book.

Previous Issues

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Useful ways to get data out of FMDB.


NSUInteger count = [db intForQuery:@"SELECT COUNT(field) FROM table_name"];

Make sure to include the FMDatabaseAdditions.h header file to use intForQuery:


NSUInteger max = [db intForQuery:@"SELECT MAX(field) FROM table_name"];


NSUInteger min = [db intForQuery:@"SELECT MIN(field) FROM table_name"];


NSUInteger average = [db intForQuery:@"SELECT AVG(field) FROM table_name"];

Sum (Σ)

NSUInteger sum = [db intForQuery:@"SELECT SUM(field) FROM table_name"];


NSUInteger total = [db intForQuery:@"SELECT TOTAL(field) FROM table_name"];

Done button on NumPad

I’ve been researching adding a done button to a NumPad and keep getting the same error:

Can't find keyplane that supports type 4 for keyboard iPhone-PortraitChoco-NumberPad; using 2705787216_PortraitChoco_iPhone-Simple-Pad_Default

And it seems to take a lot of code.

Another option would be to add a toolbar above the keyboard.

Not sure how well this will work with TPKeyboardAvoiding but let’s see, and it does!


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