Mac OSX Pasteboard

Need to copy a value to the Pasteboard?

Don’t forget to clear it first.

Brand Colours

I’m working on an app and using and using snapshot and frameit and wanted to use the annotation with keyword colours.


Full Colour Specifications 1 HEX: e52d27 | RGB: 229.45.39 | CMYK:

Full Colour Specifications 2 HEX: b31217 | RGB: 179.18.23 | CMYK:

Full Colour Specifications 3 HEX: 000000 | RGB: 0.0.0 | CMYK:


Color Hex RGB
#3b5998 (59,89,152)
#8b9dc3 (139,157,195)
#dfe3ee (223,227,238)
#f7f7f7 (247,247,247)
#ffffff (255,255,255)




Batch renaming files

I needed to batch rename some files

brew install rename

To test run it

rename -n -e 's/-.*-/_/'  *.png

Remove the -n to perform it

rename -e 's/-.*-/_/'  *.png

I wanted to remove the following -portrait

rename -d -portrait *

Thanks to

iOS Charts
I’m going to add some graphing to the app soon.

Haven’t tried this yet but it looks good.

Core Plot

I had a couple of difficulties using it in a newer version of Xcode so added my findings here.
iOS Plot
iOS Charts

Collection Operators

Reading Chapter 7 – KVC/KVO of Cocoa Programming

And learning about Array Operators like

  • avg
  • count
  • max
  • min
  • sum

These could come in handy.

NSNumber *theAverages
theAverage = [employees valueForKey:@"avg.expectedRaise"];

They also have a forum (

Other Articles

Mac OS X – Dev

I bought:

I’ve got version 3, 4 & 5.

Working through 4 now as it’s ObjC.

I’m going to document things I’ve had to look up.

Chapter 2

Probably look back and say why didn’t I spot this but it should help it not happing again:

Unknown type name ‘NSTextField’

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> 

Could have just added a .pch file

Project Settings
Under the ‘Apple LLVM 6.0 – Language’ section in the ‘Prefix Header’ I added “<PROJECTNAME>/<PROJECTNAME>-Prefix.pch”


#ifdef __OBJC__
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>


Adding A Settings Bundle

I’d like to add a Settings section to my app to show Licenses and other info.

Maybe put the Options section there too.

Run a perl script:

perl <>

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