Change Android SDK

In Android Studio

Right click the App Folder

Open Module Settings (⌘↓)

Compile Sdk version (x)

Build Gradle


Doesn’t change  other version.

Build errors for theme, was showing 21 since it was originally built with this.

Change the version here:

dependencies {
compile ‘′

UIAppearance – System Wide Font

Set an app wide font
[[UILabel appearance] setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:@"YourFontName" size:17.0]];

Add it to the .plist
Fonts provided by application –
Item 0: “FontName.ttf”

Pull To Refresh

Wanted to add the Pull To Refresh capability.

Useful Blog:

Android – Rename a Project

Refactor didn’t change it everywhere.

build.gradle : applicationId

package=”” >

Choose the “Project” view

Open “.idea” folder

Open “.name” and change here.

Run a Sync Gradle

Android – Build an Apk


Generate Signed APK…

Type in your Master Password.

Choose the app folder

Run through each step and it’ll generate the apt file

This assumes you’ve already set up your keystore.jks file.

Android – Custom URL Scheme

So I’ve implemented a Custom URL Scheme in iOS and want to do the same in Android.

Make sure the android:scheme=”” is lowercase.

Android – Preferences Screen

I’ve wanted to add Preferences Screen to my app.

There’s a section on Treehouse

Key-Value Saving with SharedPreferences

It had a lot going on and most of it was already configured

The article I found most useful was:

Added here in case the site goes.

Others included but were old:


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