Debugging a TVML tvOS App

If you download and open the of the TVML Catalog

To help debug and experiment, you can use the Safari WebInspector to attach to the JavaScript context. WebInspector provides you with a full JavaScript debugging environment. You will need to turn on the Develop menu from Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Select your device from the Develop drop down menu to see a list of running JavaScript contexts.

You will need to download Safari 9.

Start your client app

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Run your Xcode app.

Now open Safari

Turn on the Develop tab, explained above.

Then go to the Simulator | <App>

Develop MenuSimulator

Now you will see the Web Inspector.

Web Inspector

Debug to your hearts content.

tvOS Playing a Video

So I’d like to play a Video in an Apple TV App.

I need to look into Player from the TVJS Lib.

I can play a Video using AVPlayer but need to look into the controls

I’d prefer to create the view using the TVML as the ‘Compilation.xml’ seems to be the perfect fit for it.

Finally found out that the videos files can’t be running under python.

If you change the URL to a file on the web it works fine.

I think you’re using the Python SimpleHTTPServer for your test, it did not worked for video streaming, but if you use Apache or for example this file directly from apple “” it will work.

This is correct. I think video playback requires that the server supports, among other things, byte-range requests. –  lemnar


tvOS Links

Thought I’d list some tvOS links as and when I find them.

The sample code, from Apple, is excellent, although where’s the ObjC versions?

Utility Mac App

I’ve released my first Mac App today, Utility is a helper app to help in day to day tasks.


Mac – Syntax Highlighting


Marvel API

So I found that Marvel have an API.

Marvel API


I converted them to version 2 as I only have 2.7 on my machine atm

Convert from 3 to 2

3to2 -w


The Authorisation page shows:

ts: 1

Public Key: 1234

Private Key: abcd

making: 1abcd1234

hash: ffd275c5130566a2916217b101f26150


I created a Mac App to create the Hash and create this URL.

NSTimeInterval timeStamp = [[NSDate date] timeIntervalSince1970];
// NSTimeInterval is defined as double
NSNumber *timeStampObj = [NSNumber numberWithDouble: timeStamp];
txtTimestamp.stringValue = [timeStampObj stringValue];

I call this in the app and it doesn’t work.

NSURLErrorUserAuthenticationRequired = -1013
NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1013

I can’t get the MD5 from Python to match the ObjC one.

I can’t get it to work with CocoaRestClient or ObjC.

Then I realise I’ve got my keys swapped, d’oh!

Multi Select TableView

Want to select more than one row in a TableView?


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