Swift Package Manager Notes

I’ve been running through the excellent tutorials from NSScreencast (@NSScreencast) on using the swift package manager.

I’ve ran into a couple of issues which I thought I’d share as others might also run into them and hopefully they will be of use.

Thanks to subdigital for the help whilst I’m learning.

I had a couple of issues with some gems in Ruby since macOS comes shipped with a lesser version.

Setup: https://gorails.com/setup/osx/10.12-sierra

Reboot once completed.

Next when I went to complete the second video in the series I’d realised I hadn’t set up a great folder structure.

I had Katas then the code I’d been working with for the first FizzBuzz, this really needs it’s own folder, I moved this over then made a copy for the updates to guard, should really be using source control but I haven’t for now.

I tried running

bundle exec guard init
bundle exec guard

But got an error when I tried updating any of the code

<unknown>:0: error: build had 1 command failures
error: exit(1): /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/swift-build-tool -f /Users/AlexHedley/Documents/NSScreencast/Katas/FizzBuzz/.build/debug.yaml test

I asked ben for help and he pointed me in the right direction, this wasn’t an issue with ruby but with swift.

I ran

swift build

and got a better error to work with

:0: error: PCH was compiled with module cache path '/Users/AlexHedley/Documents/NSScreencast/Katas/.build/debug/ModuleCache/Q3KKH3V7UU86', but the path is currently '/Users/AlexHedley/Documents/NSScreencast/Katas/FizzBuzz Updated/.build/debug/ModuleCache/Q3KKH3V7UU86'

Looking around I found that I needed to delete the .build folder


then I ran

swift build
bundle exec guard init
bundle exec guard
 and everything was working.

Other things I looked at

Command-Option-Shift-K to clean out the build folder. Even better, quit Xcode and clean out ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData


Would it be worth deleting the ModuleCache folder

Usually it can be resolved by holding down the Option key and choosing Product > Clean Build Folder…

Is there a way to do this for what we are using?

Completed Tutorials


Google Maps iOS SDK – Error

Google Maps iOS SDK


Followed the setup instructions using Cocoa Pods.

GoogleMaps (2.1.1)
GooglePlaces (2.1.1)

Built the Project and got the following error:

Module ‘GoogleMapsBase’ not found


Added the following in:

Target -> Build Setting -> Search Path-> Framework Search Paths

Add the following (+)

Framework Search Paths


Build and Run.

Helpful Links


Camera Access


Add a new item

Privacy – Camera Usage Description

Value: “Used to scan barcodes”

Or as XML

<string>Used to scan barcodes</string>



Photo Access

<string>This app requires access to the photo library.</string>



Goals for 2017

  • 599CD (iOS)

Release it!

  • 599CD (Android)

Write an Android version of the iOS I’m hoping to release.

  • Wallet Jam Jar Cinema Passes

I’d like to write a Swift Server Side app to create Jam Jar Cinema passes (like CineWorld)

  • .NET apps (school tracking)

Goals for 2016 – Review

I created a post to motivate me to get things done.


  • 599CD (iPad)

I’ve nearly completed this, it’s currently in the final rounds of testing and I’m happy with how it’s come out.


  • 599CD (Apple TV)

Updated to the new TVML xml files instead of JS, its semi-working, I’m thinking of making it a native app instead.

  • 599CD (Android)

Hoping to start it this year, I’ve got the Dev tools ready on my mac.

  • Sign Language (Apple TV)
  • Carcassonne Score Keeper (iOS/Mac)
  • Bowling Score Keeper (iOS)
  • Wanted to add an Apple Watch

These aren’t as much a priority anymore.

  • Movem App

I worked on this a lot and managed to get a majority of it working. All the levels are created and the app works, just needs some polish. I tried porting it to the AppleTV but the controls don’t quite work.

Now I need to upgrade it to Swift 3, fun times ahead.

I’ve been using my time to learn other things. A lot more C# Dev.

I’ve been enjoying Server Side Swift with a set of videos from Ray Wenderlich.

I’ve been running through the Swift Apprentice book with the Playgrounds app.

Delegates and Navigation Controllers

Using Delegates with Navigation Controllers

Get the nav controller first.

TVML tvOS 10

So there’s an updated TVML Catalog sample code project out.

Instead of having js files that make an XML file, it’s just a straight XML file now. Makes much more sense to me to have it this way.

TVML Catalog: Using TVML Templates
Another thing they’ve changed is they suggest using Ruby instead of Python.
ruby -run -ehttpd . -p9001

I think this might  be to get around the fact videos locally didn’t work with Python, I still need to test this.

In most of my previous files I was using template=”.xml.js” whereas now they use documentURL=”.xml” so one to check on.

I’ve also amended a couple of files to get video playback working, the documentcontroller.js was the place to add it.

A useful dub dub video to watch is the following.

WWDC 212 – Developing tvOS Apps Using TVMLKit: Part 1
The video/slides do cover a basic example:
// Setting up a TVMLKit JS Video Player
var video = new MediaItem(‘video’, ‘https://example.com/video.m3u8‘);
video.title = ‘My Great Movie’;
video.description = ‘An extensive description…’;
video.resumeTime = 10.0; // seconds
var playlist = new Playlist();
var player = new Player();
player.playlist = playlist;
player.play(); // Present the player


The AudioVideo sample code hasn’t been updated yet and there isn’t an example of video playback in the above Catalog sample, the WWDC video was handy though. I like the embedded player in a lockup.

TVMLAudioVideo: Audio and Video Playback on tvOS
Check out the new MediaContent docs: