Ray Wenderlich Scary Bug Part 2/3 Completed

Completed Part 2/3 of the Scary Bugs tutorial.

Added the detail view this time so you could see bug, rate it and change it’s name.


Made a silly mistake and copied a few lines of code, forgot to re-name a few variables so the rating didn’t work, didn’t take long to realise though. Lesson learned hopefully πŸ˜›



First Ray Wenderlich Tutorial Completed

Just finished the first tutorial on Ray Wenderlich’s excellent website.

This one started adding a table view of bugs with a thumbnail image:

Scary Bug - Table View

Can’t wait to work on more of them.


Finished Chapter 7 of iPhone Programming

So I finished Chapter 7 yesterday, this one was working with the web browser control (UIWebView), checking for connectivity, sending Email and then getting data from the Internet.

I used the Google Weather service to populate a custom view of Weather info for London.
Great set of methods that can be used in further projects.

Weather App
(I’ll add a video at some point.)

Slowly getting there πŸ™‚

The Handling Data chapter is next …

XCode4 – Adding a Framework

So I was working through a chapter and needed to add a Framework to the project.
The book is using XCode 3.2 so the directions weren’t up to date.
I couldn’t find how to do it that quickly, maybe I wasn’t using the correct search terms, anyway I decided to create a video on how to do it so here it is …

Development continues – Chapter 5

So I’m up to chapter five and decided to use my new purchase of ScreenflowΒ to record what I’ve produced.

Starting iOS Development

I’m going through a book called ‘Learning iPhone Programming‘ by Alasdair Allan.

I’ve finished Chapter 3 which means I’ve created my first iPhone app πŸ™‚ – HelloWorld of course. Just a button and some text but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day!