TVML tvOS 10

So there’s an updated TVML Catalog sample code project out.

Instead of having js files that make an XML file, it’s just a straight XML file now. Makes much more sense to me to have it this way.

TVML Catalog: Using TVML Templates
Another thing they’ve changed is they suggest using Ruby instead of Python.
ruby -run -ehttpd . -p9001

I think this might  be to get around the fact videos locally didn’t work with Python, I still need to test this.

In most of my previous files I was using template=”.xml.js” whereas now they use documentURL=”.xml” so one to check on.

I’ve also amended a couple of files to get video playback working, the documentcontroller.js was the place to add it.

A useful dub dub video to watch is the following.

WWDC 212 – Developing tvOS Apps Using TVMLKit: Part 1
The video/slides do cover a basic example:
// Setting up a TVMLKit JS Video Player
var video = new MediaItem(‘video’, ‘‘);
video.title = ‘My Great Movie’;
video.description = ‘An extensive description…’;
video.resumeTime = 10.0; // seconds
var playlist = new Playlist();
var player = new Player();
player.playlist = playlist;; // Present the player


The AudioVideo sample code hasn’t been updated yet and there isn’t an example of video playback in the above Catalog sample, the WWDC video was handy though. I like the embedded player in a lockup.

TVMLAudioVideo: Audio and Video Playback on tvOS
Check out the new MediaContent docs:


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