Just been surfing the net and came across this handy little tool, fTerminal, for opening the finder window in the terminal


One problem, I downloaded, unzipped and had the

and when I tried to run it

You can’t open the application fTerminal – PowerPC because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

So let’s create a new Automator Application.

Search for Automator and choose Run AppleScript

Now add your code

on run {input, parameters}
(* Your script goes here *)
return input
end run

Maybe you want to add an Icon to the Application:

After the script has been created do the following :

  1. Find the icon you want
  2. Get Info of the icon file (cmdi)
  3. Click on the icon inside the info window
  4. Copy it (cmdc)
  5. Get Info of the application (cmdi)
  6. Click on the icon inside the info window
  7. Paste the icon in the clipboard (cmdv)

This method works for every files in Mac OS X.

Can be done with a service:

System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services

    New Terminal at Folder
    New Terminal Tab at Folder

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