iOS Apprentice Tutorial 4: StoreSearch

Started “iOS Apprentice Tutorial 4: StoreSearch” from by Matthijs Hollemans

Another excellent tutorial!

Should really finish the second and complete the third but I liked the look of this one better and was having problems with the second.

They are so well written and I advise anyone wanting to learn iOS buy them now!

There is a dedicated forum thread for help if you need too.

Got some ideas already for what I’m going to use the principles in.

At the mo I’ve parsed the response from itunes and am displaying it in a funky table view, thoroughly enjoying it!

Completed Part 1 – with only one known mistake.

The images weren’t showing up, I’d made a stupid spelling mistake with the URL instead of Url in the ArtworkImage name from the parsed JSON so it was returning nil, hence no image.

Quick bit of debugging and checking of Image code, plus a check on the forum and boom found and fixed.

Part 2 next …

Part 2 is complete.

No silly mistakes this time, everything (seems to be) working. Looks really cool. So happy with it so far.

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