RW Beginning iPhone Programming Finished

So I’ve finished the first set of tutorials on and it’s making sense which is always good.

Haven’t tried a project of my own implementing them yet so lets hold up before I say it’ll make sense then.

To finish them off there was Memory Management, Debugging and Properties.

The forum has been most helpful, quick responses at very noob questions, they have a lot of patience.

I’ve even got a help thread started for my Sokoban game I’d like to create.
I need to get to grips with ObjC before I make a start but lets hope people vote for it in after my tutorial suggestion was added to the thread.

I voted for the A* search tut which I though would be a good one to create a Sokoban Solver as another project.
This could be used to check levels I have created are actually solvable.
It could also be used to help users if they get stuck.

There are many solvers out there, even suppling their source code, might be worth a look

  1. March 6th, 2016
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